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Imagine living a stress-free life.
You have time to relax and enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones. Feeling fulfilled and successful at your job, you’re happy with yourself and your beautiful body. All because you have developed healthy habits, by creating simple but powerful daily rituals.

Now you can! Welcome to RedThreadRituals.com, where you can download our Natural Time Management System™, which makes it is easy to plan your life according to your own ‘biological rhythm’. To make this easy, I have developed the Ritual Flower App for you.

Welcome, my name is Mae Belteyn. My life’s story is featured in Kindle book Wisdom of Midlife Women 2“. Did you already have the chance to read how ritual played a major role in my life? The story is called ‘Untying the knot’, because ritual helped me to untangle all the Red Threads which formed my life’s story. I used to pretend to be an eight-armed Hindu Goddess juggling all kinds of tasks through the air. While trying to fulfill all the expectations modern Western society places on women, I made a mess of my life.

It took me over twenty years of investing in myself, and learning powerful tools from spiritual leaders all over the world. I learned a lot about ritual, not only from Shamans in the Amazone, Priests in Europe, Priestesses in Glastonbury, Pandits in India, Rabbi’s in Israel, Buddhist Monks in Nepal and native peoples like the Maori in New Zealand… But also from my professors in the academic world. I studied Religion Sciences and discovered that people from different religions and cultures shared in similar, but very unique rituals. Even people who aren’t religious or spiritual at all!  My personal quest prepared me to help others with ritual too.

This website is dedicated to various kinds of ritual, but especially the kinds of ritual which play a significant role in peoples lives. Daily rituals to reclaim our biological rhythm, seasonal rituals to attune ourselves to the rhythms of nature, and Rites of Passage to honor and celebrate life-changing moments as birth, marriage, divorce or death. Because these moments are the highlights of our days, years and lives, we like to call them ‘Red Thread Rituals’.

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Mae Belteyn